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What Is Solid State Lithium Ion Batteries?

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 07, 2018

what is solid state lithium ion batteries?

Answer: The structure of all solid state lithium ion batteries consists of positive electrodes, electrolytes and negative electrodes, all of which are made of solid materials.

what's the advatages of all solid state lithium ion batteries?

Compared with the traditional electrolyte lithium ion batteries, the advantages are as follows:

(1) completely eliminate the safety hidden danger of the electrolyte corrosion and leakage, and the thermal stability is higher.

There is no need to encapsulate liquid, support serial superposition and bipolar structure, and improve production efficiency.

(3) a number of electrodes can be superimposed because of the solid state characteristics of the solid electrolyte.

(4) the width of the electrochemical stable window (up to 5V) can match the high voltage electrode material.

Solid electrolyte is generally a single ion conductor, with little side reaction and longer service life.