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SONY Sell Lithium Battery Business Is Actually The Biggest Strategic Mistakes

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 12, 2017

In this year's CES show, we see the SONY and Panasonic two Japanese companies completely different style. As in the past, SONY Black & bursting, not only introduced the "plane acoustic technology" the blessing of the SONY A1E TV, also launched 2500 lumens of HDR ultra short focal projector 4K. Panasonic on the other side of the booth, although Panasonic has launched a OLED TV, but consumer electronics is not the focus of Panasonic's business. Panasonic will focus on the release of automatic driving technology and lithium batteries, especially its ultra-thin, ultra light lithium batteries, has been widespread concern in the media.           Panasonic continued to force the battery business in recent years. Since the acquisition of SANYO motor in 2009, relying on the advantages of the existing SANYO battery, Panasonic in the field of lithium batteries and solar cells, to become the world's new overlord. With the Tesla electric car business on the upgrade, in close cooperation with Tesla Matsushita benefited from continued for many years to about 40% of the market share, tight Toubajiaoyi power battery.          

Panasonic is therefore the transformation, and gradually get rid of the loss of consumer electronics business. Only in 2014 fiscal year, Panasonic began to profit and profitability, lithium batteries and the corresponding automotive industry system, accounting for 36% of sales revenue. In 2014, Matsushita invested $1 billion 600 million to build a super battery factory, Tesla and Gigafactory; 2016, Matsushita and Tesla to deepen cooperation, together with the solar cell. It can be seen that Tesla electric vehicles and solar systems, has become the development of Panasonic high-speed engine.          

In contrast, SONY, as the originator of the lithium battery once, the company released the world's first commercial lithium batteries in 1991, lithium batteries began to become the power source of electronic products, continues today. However, due to poor management, SONY lithium battery business continued losses in recent years. Finally in early November last year, SONY will battery business to about 1 billion 100 million yuan price, transfer to another Japanese battery manufacturer murata. "Lithium batteries" father finally ended down.          

In the battery field, while the brilliance of Matsushita, while the sale of SONY. In fourth energy seems to sell battery business, in fact, is a strategic mistake SONY.          

Trend: electric vehicles gradually replace the status of fuel vehicles          

Tesla delivered the first electric Roadster cars in February 2008, almost no one would think of electric vehicles will be in the way of popularization of Hurricane onrush. Now, release electric vehicle products has become a fashionable topic of traditional car prices, the luxury car brand, the Internet giant, entrepreneurial companies, such as TOYOTA has been even stubborn in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) giant also announced its plan for electric vehicles at the end of last year.