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Small 12v Rechargeable Battery Pack Li Ion

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 03, 2017

small 12v rechargeable battery pack li ion

12v li ion battery specification:

  • 1. Model Number:18650 3500mAh

  • 2. Nominal Capacity: Li-ion Battery 3500mAh

  • 3. Nominal voltage: 11.1V

  • 4. Nominal capacity: 3500mAh

  • 5. Discharge cut-off: 9V or base on customer Requirement

  • 6. Maximum charge voltage: 12.6V

  • 7. Maximum charge current: 7A

  • 8. Life cycle: 2000 times PCB and battery pack available

  • 9. Environmental friendly

  • 10. Application : torch, fans, bulbs, street lights, solar light, emergency system

  • 11. Competitive Advantages: long cyclelife use

highest power in small size can be realizezd by li ion battery. chinese battery manufacturer still can not reach 3500mah per 18650 battery, because of it's tech problem. while, such high energy desnsity battery, if you want a combination or higher voltage or high capacity, do remember to choose a reliable supplier. battery is dangerouse thing, so safety is the most important of all. besides, choose a reliable supplier, so as to make sure your finally get energy power is full 3500mah not 3300mah or 3000mah.