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SINOLI Lithium Ion Battery Takes Automatic Assembly Line Launched In Production

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 25, 2018

[Technology] Integrating automation and digitalization, we should stick to the craftsman's heart

In the background of China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 overlapping with large-scale manufacturing of power batteries, Li Yuanheng carries through the spirit core of "craftsman", technology first, and is committed to helping customers to land in intelligent manufacturing. On the one hand, the company provides automated assembly and inspection of the whole line; on the other hand, through the combination of digitalization and informatization, it can upgrade the automated manufacturing.

Dr. Chen Youjun, president of SINOLI Lithium Research Institute, said that power battery manufacturers are increasingly demanding control, product safety and quality of the whole production process. In order to achieve traceability of product production, single quality controllable, statistics and optimization of the yield line, it is necessary to realize the whole line number on the basis of automation of deep tillage single machine. Combination of chemistry.

[Market] Stick to Lock the Diversified Market Layout of Industry Leading Enterprises

With the differentiation and centralization of power battery industry, the benefit logic of lithium-ion equipment enterprises is constantly changing. Policy adjustment has increased more uncertainty for market shuffling, which also makes the survival of some equipment enterprises difficult.

In addition to the core technology support, SINOLI Lithium can stand firm in the industry shuffle, which is related to its market strategy of locking in leading enterprises and diversified market layout.

In the market, SINOLI Li's strategy is to adhere to the diversified market structure. Multidisciplinary involvement is conducive to the extensive and abundant technology, vision and knowledge of enterprises, as well as to the management and control of industry risks.

At the same time, the company will also conduct an all-round assessment of customers in all industries. Besides the scale of customers in the industry, it will also consider other important factors, such as customers who do not respect the essential law of development of the industry, who are too radical and price-oriented, and who are not inclined to choose cooperative customers.

Global Top-ranking Integrated Solution Provider for Industrial Automation

Today, SINOLI lithium batteries have been exported to Canada, Germany, Britain, Turkey, Thailand and other countries.

In addition, SINOLI lithium batteries has successfully applied for about 200 patents, trademarks and software copyrights at home and abroad. The lithium-ion batteries developed and manufactured have passed the strict certification of CE, CB, KC, UN38.3, MSDS and other European and American countries.

First-class solution suppliers must be first-class technology, talent, management, and be able to compete with world-class enterprises. This requires enterprises to have world-class customers, world-class supply chains, world-class talents, world-class projects, enterprises will naturally become world-class enterprises, naturally can enter the ranks of first-class.