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Panasonic 18650 Rechargeable Battery NCR29PF

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 26, 2017

panasonic 18650 rechargeable battery NCR29PF

      ITEMS                                          SPECIFICATIONS 

1.    Rated Capacity                         2700mAh  0.54A discharge at 20℃

2.    Capacity                              Minimum 2750mAh 0.54A discharge at 25℃

                                            Typical 2900mAh 0.54A discharge at 25℃

3.    Nominal Voltage                        3.6v   0.54A discharge at 25℃

4.    Discharge End Voltage                         2.5v

5.    Charging Current (Std.)                        1.35A

6.    Charging Voltage                               4.2 ± 0.03v

7.    Charging Time(Std.)                            4hours

8.    Continuouse Discharging Current (max)                       10A 0-40℃

9.    Internal Resistance                        less than 35mR    AC Impedance 1kHz

10.   Weight                                     less than 47g

11.   Operating Temperature                                 Charge 10-45 with 1.35A

                                              Discharge -20~60℃

this is basical spec of panasonic ncr29pf battery description. but please contact our sale engineer before you make any assembly.