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New Lithium Ion Battery With Almost None Cobalt?

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2018

Why Cobalt Affects Li ion Battery Price?

At present, cobalt is an important metal for lithium ion batteries. It is mainly used in cathode materials such as lithium cobalt oxide, nickel cobalt lithium manganese oxide (NCM) and so on. According to eCobalt Solutions, a battery co - salt manufacturer, 75% of lithium batteries will be used in 2020, because cobalt has a role in increasing the navigation ability of electric vehicles to continue. However, about half of the world's Cobalt from the war in Zaire (Congo Republic), many people worry about the stability of the supply of cobalt, coupled with the strong development of pure electric vehicles, lead to the soaring demand for cobalt, the price of cobalt has a double growth trend. Therefore, reducing the amount of cobalt in lithium ion batteries is of great practical significance.

So how should we reduce the amount of cobalt? 

The general technical plan is to increase the consumption of nickel, and the main function of nickel is to increase the energy density of the battery. This research direction is called high nickel three yuan materials (such as 622/811, etc.), these three numbers represent the ratio of nickel, cobalt and manganese. However, when the amount of nickel increases, the structural stability of the corresponding electrode materials will be reduced, which will lead to a significant reduction in battery life and safety. In addition, the different material systems need to match the different formulations of the electrolyte, because of the high nickel three element surface impurities, the need for more optimized electrolyte formula, which is the difficulty of research and development.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk say, we think we can get cobalt to almost nothing

Tesla's future lithium-ion battery solution should be three yuan high nickel.

It is reported that the lithium ion battery for Tesla is the Panasonic Corp of Japan, one of the world's companies with high nickel three yuan production technology, using NCA (8:1.5:0.5). Tesla previously disclosed to shareholders that its lithium ion battery had the highest energy density in the industry and solved the thermal stability problem after high nickel.

current prevailing three yuan lithium ion battery is NCM, which is mainly depends on Cobalt. as it mentioned at the begining of this article, cobalt is mainly depends on import, and larged developed becaused of increasing demand drived by E-vehicals.