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New 2D Crystal Contribution To Lithium Ion Batteries

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2017

According to physicist organizational network reported on January 11th, the United States researchers for the first time to synthesize a layered 2D structure of the electronic crystal, which will bring this new material into the nano camp". The researchers said that the performance of synthetic layered electronic crystal is even better than graphene, is expected to be used for the development of transparent conductors, battery electrodes, electron emission devices and chemical catalysts and other fields. The new study is published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Chemical society.          

The electronic crystal belongs to ionic compounds composed of positive and negative ions, but the "negative ions" completely by replacing the electronic quality is very small and will not stay in a fixed position, but everywhere free, occasionally exchange position and other electronic behavior, more like electronic gas. This property gives the electrons a high electron mobility and fast conduction. However, scientists have speculated that the 2D crystal is easy to react with air and water, which can only exist in vacuum and maintain its strong conductivity.          

In the new study, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill School of Applied Physics and chemistry professor Scott Warren led the team with two molecules of calcium nitride synthesized by only a few nanometers thin 2D single crystal electron, using liquid stripping technology managed to make a large number of nano electronic single crystals suspended in the solution, in which a solvent can even make two nanometer calcium nitride single stable suspension for a month can still maintain good electrical properties. "We have overcome the technical difficulties of the transition from the multilayer structure to the single layer structure of the electron crystal. It is proved that the 2D crystal can maintain the structure and performance for a long time." Warren explained.          

Warren's team also proved by experiments, the new 2D nano crystal with electronic conductivity and single metal aluminum equivalent; transparency is also very high, transparent 10 nm thick nitride film two calcium ratio reaches 97%; the surface node has reached the highest value in the existing electronic crystal. The researchers say these characteristics will lead to the application of new materials in many fields, such as the development of high transparent conductive film; Warren still working with Honda Corporation, using the new material to develop advanced batteries. new batteries material 2D crystal is getting great achivement, but still under developement, hope one day it will make great contribution to lithium ion batteries, including: