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48V Lithium Battery Pack How To Assebmble?

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2019

48V Lithium Battery Pack How to Assebmble?

Final assembled lithium batteries can also be called lithium battery packs, but real lithium battery packs need more materials to assemble as final work. The process of assembling a lithium battery pack is what most people don't know but want to do. What should we do at this time? the writer has arranged a set of detailed tutorials on how to assemble a 48V lithium battery pack, hoping to help you.

1. Data Calculation

Before assembling 48V lithium battery pack, it is necessary to calculate the product size and load capacity of the required lithium battery pack, then calculate the capacity of the required lithium battery pack according to the capacity of the product, and then select the lithium battery according to the calculation results.

2. Preparing materials

Choose reliable lithium batteries, it is better to buy quality-assured lithium batteries in monopoly stores or manufacturers, rather than in individuals or other unreliable places to buy. After all, lithium battery assembly, if there are problems in the assembly process, lithium batteries are very dangerous product all over the world.

In addition to reliable lithium batteries, there is also a need for excellent lithium battery balancing protection panels. In the current market, the quality of battery management system is very different, and there are simulate batteries, which are difficult to distinguish from the appearance. If you want to choose, it is better to choose digital circuit control.

Containers with fixed lithium batteries also need to be prepared to prevent changes in the movement of lithium batteries once they are arranged. The materials for isolation of lithium battery strings and for better fixing effect, silicone rubber and other adhesives for each two lithium batteries are bonded together.

Material for connecting lithium batteries in series, nickel sheets also need to be prepared. In addition to these main materials, other materials can be prepared for use in assembling lithium battery packs.

3. Assembly Process Details

First, the lithium batteries are arranged regularly, and then each string of lithium batteries is fixed with materials.

After fixing each series of lithium batteries, it is better to use insulating materials such as barley paper to separate each series of lithium batteries and place the damaged outer skin of lithium batteries, which will lead to short circuit in the future.

After being arranged and fixed, the nickel belt can be used for the most important series step.

After the lithium batteries are connected in series, only the subsequent processing is finished. Batteries are bound up with tape. The positive and negative poles should be covered with barley paper to avoid short circuit caused by mistake in subsequent operation.

The installation of the protective board also needs attention. We should determine the position of the protective board, sort out the layout of the protective board, and separate the intersection of the layout with adhesive tape in order to avoid the risk of short circuit. After arranging the wires, they need to be trimmed. Finally, they need to contain the tin wire. The solder wire must be used well.

Self-assembling 48V lithium battery packs is a kind of behavior. For those who don't know much about this aspect, they don't recommend that they do it without knowing anything, or they need to know more about it in order to cope better with accidents in the process of assembling.