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48v Capacity Battery&Power Lithium Ion Battery

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2019

High-end consumer use lithium ion batteries are taking the most advanced technology and materials, while on the bases of high end consumer batteries, power batteries are more advanced in process control, consistency control and quality management. 

There are many kinds of lithium-ion batteries, such as power lithium-ion batteries and capacity lithium-ion batteries. 

So what is the difference between these two kinds of lithium-ion batteries? Maybe a lot of people are not very clear.

What are the differences between power lithium-ion batteries and capacity lithium-ion batteries?

First of all, the capacity of power lithium-ion batteries is different. Power lithium-ion batteries are generally larger in capacity, while capacity of mobile phones and other electronic products is small, and the cycle life of power lithium-ion batteries will be higher. Secondly, at the temperature control point, the power will have a protective temperature of the battery pack. let's make a deliberate comparison between two as below:

1. Different Voltage Different Sizes

In the battery industry, when the voltage increases, the corresponding output voltage will also increase, so that the power lithium-ion battery pack can satisfy some high-power equipment; and the direct effect of parallel connection mode is to increase the current of the whole battery pack, and the capacity is affected by the output current, so the direct effect of parallel connection is to make the capacity of lithium-ion battery pack. As the volume increases, the capacity of batteries connected in this way tends to be larger, that is, the so-called capacity lithium-ion batteries.

2. The products used are different

Some large-scale equipment need higher voltage value, because the small power battery can not run, so we need to choose power lithium-ion battery pack. For example, we usually use electric bicycles, which often require a voltage value of 48V, compared with some situations in our lives, 48V is not small. So power lithium ion battery packs must be used to ensure the operation of electric bicycles. And we usually go to some supermarkets or shopping malls, some sign lights and standby power supply, because the power consumption of these devices is not very large, so we usually use capacity lithium-ion battery packs, the application of the two products is different.

3. Different internal resistance

The internal resistance of power lithium-ion batteries is smaller than that of capacity lithium-ion batteries. Taking 18650 lithium-ion batteries as an example, the manufacturers with good 3C-rate discharge usually have PTC, and the internal resistance is about 40mR; the discharges with 5C-rate discharge generally do not have PTC internal resistance about 20mR.