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18650 Lithium Ion Battery Max Energy Density Related Speeches Will Be Hold In China

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2018

18650 Lithium ion Battery Max Energy Density Related Speeches will be Hold in China

The world is talking about lithium ion battery energy density. The leading NCM system lithium ion battery energy no more than 250wh/kg, that is, take 18650 lithium ion battery for example, max capacity is 3350mAh typical to 3500mAh at the max.

To improve lithium ion battery energy density, it not only helps to improve the driving range of electric vehicles, but also may significantly reduce the high cost problems encountered at present, so as to make electric vehicles and fuel vehicles truly competitive in technology and economy, so as to speed up the full commercialization of electric vehicles.

Advances in high energy density power batteries depend on key materials, material matching, cell design, advanced manufacturing, and formation processes.

2018 International Forum on Battery Materials for Automotive Applications (short for 2018 BMAA) will be held in China, Jiangsu Province. Detail list as below:

Date: October 16-17 (Registration on Oct.15)

Place: Howard Johnson Tian Mu Lake Plaza Liyang, Jiangsu.China


1. The application of precise nanocoating and doping in high-energy-density lithium ion batteries 

Ming Xie PhD,CEO,BattFlex Technologies,Inc.(BFT)

2.Safe Li metal anode in high-energy-density batteries

Qiang Zhang,PhD,Professor,Tsinghua University

3.Study on the electrolyte for high energy lithium ion battery for vehicle

Chaolun Gan,PhD,Technical Director,Zhangjiagang Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd

 4.R&D Progresses on Li-rich Layered Oxide Cathod

Zhaoping Liu,PhD,Professor,Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology,CAS

5. Progree in technology of high energy density battery for EV

Xianxing Shi,Ph.D,Wanxiang A123 System Asia Co., Ltd

6. High performance electrolyte with wide electrochemical window

Guanglei Cui,,PhD,Professor,Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology,CAS

7. Progress on high voltage and safety electrolytes in lithium ion batteries

Yonggao Xia,PhD,Professor,Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology,CAS

8. Research and development on high-voltage and high-safety electrolytes for lithium ion batteries

Shimou Chen,,PhD,Professor,Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences,CAS

9. Novel composite functional electrolytes based on ionic liquids

Renjie Chen,PhD,Professor,School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing

10. Current Situation of Cell with High Energy Density and Fast Charge Performance In Micorvast

Yuehui Yin,Ph.D,Head of Material&Cell Development,Microvast,lnc

11. R&D of silicon based anode for lithium ion batteries

Bonan Liu,Senior Manager(R&D Depte)/Ph.D,Tianmu Energy Anode Material Ltd.Company

12. Advances in the study of Fast lonic Conductors

Shigang Ling,R&D Vice Director,Tianjin Guoan Mengguli New Materials Science&Technology Co.,LTD

13. Investigation of nickel-rich layered material for lithium-ion batteries

Hongyun Ma,PhD,Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co.,LTD

14. Recent Technological Trend in Ni rich Cathode Materials for 3rd Generation Electric Vehicles

LEE JONGHEE,PhD,Ningbo Ronbay New Energy Technolog Co.,LTO.

15. Research and Application of Advanced Materials for High Energy Density Li-ion Batteries.

Jun Cheng,PhD,eTrust Power(ETP) Group Ltd.

16. Precisely-Controlled Core-shell Nanostructures of Electrode Materials for Imporved Cycling Performance

Anming Cao ,PhD,Professor,Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences,CAS

17. R&D progress of higher specific energy xEV batteries with 300Wh/kg

Xulai Yang,PhD,Heifei Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy Co.,LTD

18 High Energy Density Materials by Using Anion Redox Reactions

Byoungwoo Kang, Ph.D, Professor, POSTECH, KOREA

 19 The Design and Fabrication of Composite Separators

Dayong Wu , PhD, Professor, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS 

20. Ming Yue,General Manager,Shenzhen BTR New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd 

21. The industrial disadvantage and solution of the high energy density cathode material

Pingping Fu,PhD,Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-stock Co., Ltd 

22. The Real Critical Contributor of Higher Energy Li-ion Batteries -- the Ceramic Coated Separators: Battery Safety and Performance

Zhengming (John) Zhang,Chairman of Cell Group, IEEE (P1625), Chairman of “John ZHANG Energy Prize”, Univ. NCC;Sr. Tech Executive Officer, Asahi Kasei SBU/Polypore and CTO of Celgard

 23. Automobile LIB Material Analytical Technology for LIB development,degradation analysis and recycling

Guangshuai Han, PhD, Tongji University 

24. Safety Investigation of Ni-rich Cathode Materials Coated with LiFePO4 Nanocrystals

Weiping Tang, PhD, CTO, Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources 

25. Solid-state Li metal batteries: key materials and in situ curing technology

Yuguo Guo ,PhD, Professor, Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS 

26. trend of high density EV battery and new challenges to LiBS

Jidong Li, General Manager, Jiangsu Beixing new materials technology Co., Ltd. 

27. Study on high nickel content cathode materials for Li ion batteries, by adopting transmission electron microscopy and X ray microimaging combined with X ray absorption spectrum 

28.Studies on the Structure of Spinel Oxide Cathode Materials

Xuejie Huang, PhD, Senior Researcher, Beijing Physical Institute, CAS