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12volt Battery For Security System Lightest 12v Battery

12volt Battery For Security System Lightest 12v Battery

12volt Battery For Security System Lightest 12v Battery:

1. voltage:12volt

2. capacity: 5000mah (or OEM)

3. size: 37*57.5*67mm (or OEM)

4. type: lithium battery,li ion battery

Product Details

12volt battery for security system lightest 12v battery key elements and special features:

12volt battery for security system lightest 12v battery parameters & technical data as reference before any connection and re-assembly:





Nominal Capacity



Nominal Voltage



Charging voltage:



Charging Method:

CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current)


Charging Current:

Standard charge: 2A Rapid charge:3A


Charging time:

stand charge: 3.5-4hrs Rapid charge: 2.5-3hrs


Max. Charge Current:

2A (ambient temperature 25℃)


Max. Discharge Current:



Discharge cut-off voltage:



Charge voltage:






Operating Temperature:

Charging: 0~45℃

Discharging: -20~60℃


Storage Temperature:

1.5 year -20℃~25℃

3months -20℃~45℃

1month -20℃~50℃




Charging instructions: 

  • Quality Charger: This 12 volt battery uses the IC program of the intelligent control circuit, double IC chip, chip motherboard, more stable quality, quality is relatively common lithium battery charger (3 transistor scheme) is much better.

  • Charging Notice: The first stage constant current charging, charging to the rated voltage for second stage constant voltage charging, the electric current is slowly reduced, the battery has been full to 90%-95%, the battery charging continues at the current is very small till full.

All products here and hereinafter has undergo with very strict testing, we gurantte essential quality assurance;

if any quality problems, it can return or replacement;

      Customers can fee free to use, SNL company assures that all spec. we offer is compliant to your power system.

welcome to call to discuss cooperation!

Other size, capacity design of 12volt battery for security system lightest 12v battery for your options, for example:

  • 1. Battery nominal voltage: 12v

  • 3. Battery nominal capacity 60Ah

  • 4. Battery type: lithium battery, lithium ion battery, li-ion battery

  • 5. the use of temperature range

  • Charge: 0 ~ +45 C

  • Discharge: -20 ~ +60 C

  • Storage: -20 ~ +45 C (30 days), -20 ~ +35 C (90 days)

  • 6. Battery Charging

  • Must limit the charging voltage and the maximum charging current.

  • Maximum voltage limit: 12.75V

  • Maximum charge current: 20A

  • 7. Battery discharge

  • Maximum discharge current: 20A

  • Avoid discharge voltage lower than 9V

  • 8. Size: Thickness 159mm width 159mm length 70mm

  • 9. Battery weight: 3.2kg

SNL Solemn Promise:

  • SNL company provided lithium ion batteries are safe from explosion, overheating, extinguish from ordinary batteries.
  • we refused to use second-hand batteries, B and C grade quality raw material.
  • SNL insist on using A quality raw material, like 18650 A lithium ion batteries.
  • all batterise comes out from SNL company is low resistance, long cyclelife, safe and lifetime free maintenance.

Company Brief Introduction:

Shenzhen SNOLI electronic co.,ltd, a professional group for good quality power batteries , our mainly product are lithium ion battery packs, for example, 12 volt security system battery,battery 18650,lightest 12v battery. Through years of hard work and efforts in this field, is also trying their best to offer best quality big drain lithium battery and battery packs, to full fill the empty space of qualified power batteries to intelligent power industry. 


Q: How can I know more about your batteries fit for my product?

A: thanks for your question friend, firstly you can have a well communication with our service man in the CONTACT, he/she will give a proper battery solution according to your product power demand, and then, you can also request for a battery specification to check and confirm in details with your engineers to see if our battery solution is good and better for your product application.

Q: Can I get sample first for checking?

A: yes, sure, you can ask sample for quality checking, if any problem in real application, we’d like to negotiate and improve aspects mentioned of batteries with free consult. So you can also see our after-sales service thereto.

Q: Can I have a price in formal sheet?

A: yes, sure, we will have a preform invoice for your checking and approval. We can modify if anything wrong or necessary to be modified, so you can confirm with preform invoice thereto or we can make a new formal invoice for you and your company approval in form service, thank you so much!

Contact: Doris

Tel: +86 186 6567 6364


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Whatapp: +8618665676364

Offering one of the best 12volt battery for security system lightest 12v battery brands free sample and the pricelist, quotation, size and specifications consultation, it is one of the best 12volt battery for security system lightest 12v battery manufacturers and suppliers manufacturing batteries, welcome to buy customized products from our factory.

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