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When is to Change 60V 48V Battery for a New?

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2019

There are several kinds of abandonment of electric vehicles:

1. When the actual discharge capacity of batteries is less than 60% of the rated capacity, there is little change after maintenance, so that scrap can be determined.

2. Battery heating is very serious when electric vehicle charges, even the body is very hot. This is because the two poles of the battery are seriously softened and the active substances fall off, which leads to the increase of the internal resistance of the battery. Therefore, the battery heating is very serious when charging, which may also lead to battery protection. At this time, the battery must be changed.

3. Long-term use of high current and fast charging of batteries will cause bulging. Such batteries can not get three packs of services, nor can they continue to use, but can only scrap and replace new batteries. ,

4. If your batteries have just been replaced, but the mileage has decreased or not changed much, then you will no doubt meet a bad business and replace you with a set of refurbished batteries or inferior batteries, which also need to be replaced.

Maintenance method of electric vehicle battery:

1. Cleaning: Before maintaining batteries, first of all, clean up the dust on the surface of the repaired batteries and remove the stain and rust on the terminals.

2. High Voltage Charging, Deep Discharge Repair (suitable for batteries with 1/2 reduction of battery journey) A can be charged with 60V charger 48V battery for 8 hours, B can discharge the battery to 0V with bulb or electric wire, and discharge separately or in parallel when discharging.

3. Battery rearrangement method (suitable for batteries with less than 1/2 trip reduction or drum starting): A chooses the drum starting battery and replaces it with the old one. The load voltage of the battery is 11.4V-12.7V, and the terminal voltage is about 13.2V. B The battery car can not run, set up the battery car idle, use the universal meter to measure the voltage of each battery, select the battery with the lowest voltage, replace the old with the old, the battery load voltage is 11.4V-12.7V, the terminal voltage is about 13.2V.

Battery Maintenance Method of Electric Vehicle:

1. The best charging time is when the electricity is still about 30%.

2. Battery charging time should be controlled in about 8-10 hours.

3. Every month to 3 months, use up the electricity completely once, and then turn on 12 hours to charge.

4. Electric bicycles should not be loaded with heavy objects, because excessive discharge current for a long time will bring unsafe factors to the batteries, motors, controllers and wiring harnesses of electric bicycles, and will also accelerate the aging speed of relevant components of electric bicycles.

5. Each manufacturer's chargers generally have personalized needs. Don't change chargers at will when you are not sure.