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Tesl 5 billion joint venture with the super factory will be the same time the production of domestic battery

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

November 2016, Tesla and Tesla in the United States, Nevada, a total investment of 5 billion U.S. dollars to build a pure electric vehicle lithium ion battery factory will be put into operation. Is expected to start in 2020 the full load operation, the annual output will reach 35 billion kwh, 500 thousand pure electric cars available for use. Up to a maximum of $1 billion 600 million will be invested.

Japan's electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles (EV) companies in the United States Tesla Motors will cooperate in the field of home batteries. Currently the United States is building a large factory for pure electric vehicle batteries. After 2017 the factory will also be the production of domestic battery, to reduce the price. In the United States, the growing market for renewable energy, the two sides will officially set foot in the domestic battery market. Combine the advantages of both sides, the two aspects of technology and price leader.    

The plant was originally planned as a Tesla pure electric vehicles Model 3 battery supply plant, but in the future it will work with the production of household batteries. In the same factory production of pure electric car batteries and household batteries to improve the operating rate, you can recover the investment as soon as possible. In addition, the two sides will discuss the production of large capacity battery.          

Tesla entered the battery market in April 2015. At present, through a small amount of experimental production line in Nevada plant. Does not include installation fees, standard models of household batteries (capacity of 7 kilowatt hours) per price of only $3 thousand, down to about half of the competitive products.          

Tesla will use the Panasonic technology to improve the battery's storage capacity. At the same time will also make the production efficiency, control costs, and strive to further reduce the price.          

The two sides plan to jointly sell in North America, the rest of the region will also put on the agenda. Tesla will be able to use Tesla's sales channels and brands to expand battery sales.

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