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Subsidies significantly weakened: new energy vehicle converting growth over last year

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2017

At the beginning of 2017, the new energy subsidy policy finally landed. And had the same industry forecasts, the new subsidy policy further reduced in subsidies, especially in the new energy field of commercial vehicles, subsidies fall intensity is more obvious.          

In addition, the new subsidy policy to improve the conditions of the subsidies, that is, the new policy on the new energy vehicle prices, and even the whole industry chain of technical level put forward higher requirements.          

In this regard, the bus pass the relevant responsible person said that the subsidies fall is the inevitable result of the development of the industry, so the new energy car prices is not unexpected, and improve the industry will accelerate the elimination of technical requirements.          

According to the latest subsidy policy, for all new energy vehicles, the limit of local bicycle subsidies can not exceed 50% of state subsidies, while the state subsidies have also been carried out in varying degrees.          

At present, the state subsidies for pure electric bus bicycle limit (unit load energy consumption 0.25Wh/km < kg, the mileage of more than 250km, length >12m), down from the previous 600 thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan, a decline of 50%. The plug-in hybrid (with additional program) bus, the National Bicycle subsidy limit (mileage more than 150km, length >12m), down from the previous 300 thousand yuan to 150 thousand yuan, a decline of 50%. The pure electric vehicles in the upper limit of subsidies (National bicycle mileage more than 250km) decreased from 55 thousand yuan to 44 thousand yuan, a decline of 20%; plug-in hybrid (including by the national cycling program) the upper limit of subsidies from 30 thousand yuan fell to 24 thousand yuan, a decline of 20%.

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