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Solar photovoltaic power generation is possible to be one of the main energy in future

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2017

"13th Five-Year" renewable energy development plan "are eliminating haze plan, accelerate the process of substitution of fossil energy, 2 trillion and 500 billion new investment in the next five years to 2020, China's renewable energy power generation installed capacity of 690 million kilowatts, generating capacity of 1 trillion and 900 billion kwh, the total generating capacity of 27%.          

As one of the most concerned about the wind power and solar power installed capacity of 210 million kilowatts and above the target is more than 110 million kilowatts, compared with the target in the past seems slightly conservative. But many industry insiders believe, scene ten years, industry has gone through policy driven and industry adjustment period, the installed capacity from the explosive growth into a stable growth, cost reduction, reduced subsidies, heavy quality, heavy consumption has become the core of the development of ideas, distributed structural growth can be high.          

In fact, this trend has begun to show this year. The national development and Reform Commission published in December 22, 2015 notice on the improvement of onshore wind power, photovoltaic power generation benchmark price policy, onshore wind power benchmark price in 2016, 2018, two and three of electricity resource area were reduced by 2 cents, 3 cents, four cents, 1 don't reduce the resources between 2 cents. Benchmark price of photovoltaic power generation in 2016 a class, two types of resources area electricity were reduced by 0.1 yuan, $0.07, three categories of resources to reduce the area of $0.02. Before the 2016 filing into the annual scale photovoltaic power generation project management, if not in June 30, 2016 before the completion of the grid, the implementation of the new tariff standard.          

With the change in policy, the photovoltaic industry is showing a trend of hot and cold, the first half of the new installed capacity of more than 20GW, equivalent to the same period last year (New 7.73GW) nearly 3 times. But into the second half of the installing sequelae appear, PV demand fell by about 80%, component prices continue to decline, while the "leader plan" in the bidding price competition, although the industry a lot of controversy, but whether vicious competition or market rational behavior, the results will undoubtedly have accelerated this trend.          

The so-called photovoltaic photovoltaic leader program, is the National Energy Bureau launched in 2015 to support the special plan aims to market competition leading photovoltaic technology progress and industrial upgrading. This year a total of 8 base scale was raised to 5.5GW, accounting for more than the national annual total installed PV indicators 1/3. Shanxi Yangquan leader bidding, GCL reported a 0.61 yuan /kwh price. Subsequently, the Baotou leader in bidding, this record is Huadian Qingdao and prosperity to the price of 0.52 yuan /kwh break, Wuhai Yingli energy project to 0.45 yuan /kwh the price of photovoltaic power plants Chinese declared officially entered the era of "4".

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