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Samsung Note 7 battery get fire II

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2016

In 7 the first explosion distance Galaxy Note publicly has passed more than a month's time, the lithium ion battery Note 7 in the end is what happened? This Samsung owed to the customer and the whole industry of science and technology community a clear explanation. Direct the pan to the battery, is not responsible for. Before Samsung has released a report, Galaxy Note 7 SDI the battery explosion was due to design defects, then replace the other battery suppliers, in mid September 2016, the new version of Galaxy Note 7 shipments, but this version of the product just listed a few days, are considered safe products and the emergence of the explosion, Samsung had to lead two recall of Galaxy Note 7, then the fault can not clear the products, Samsung has announced the sale of Galaxy Note 7.          

Lithium ion batteries are widely used in industry, ranging from hearing aids, electric vehicles, almost all in the system can see its shadow; top intelligent mobile phone market profits, driven by Samsung (Samsung) is committed to a support for consumer electronic devices and high resolution display, multi tasking within the battery has become the most thin the light.          

South Korea Electronic Technology Research Director Park Chul-wan said before the battery center, he with the engineer ditch Samsung, have access to relevant regulatory documents, in such a short period of time will be identified as the battery arch-criminal is premature, the main reason that he may not be the battery, intelligent mobile phone is a kind of equipment very complex, Galaxy Note 7 has many new features, the structure is more complex than other mobile phone, in order to be able to compete with iPhone, Samsung application of many new technologies in this product, also makes this product has potential risks.          

Third party agency believes that the "safe" version of Note 7 is exploding because the ATL's battery is a problem, but the problem with the SDI battery problems with different suppliers may be mainly responsible. According to South Korean media reports, Samsung Note 7 spontaneous combustion may be due to the surface screen and SDI battery size does not match. In the assembly, there is tolerance, resulting in the isolation of yin and Yang of the isolation plate from the curved surface screen too close to the surface. Once subjected to external pressure may cause the collapse of the isolation plate, so that the battery short circuit heat spontaneous combustion.

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