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samsung battery 3.7 v li ion 18650 x 1 cell 3000mah for sale

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 25, 2017

Speicification for samsung battery 3.7 v li ion 18650 x 1 cell 3000mah for sale

ItemSpecifications s009 3.7 v li ion battery
1Nominal capacity          3000mAh        0.2C Discharge 
Min  capacity             3000mAh        0.2C Discharge 
2Nominal voltage            3.7V
3Charge current             Standard Charge :0.2C
4Standard Charging methodcharge 3.7 v li ion battery 18650 at 0.5C CC(constant current) to 4.2V,then CV(constant voltage 4.2V)charge till charge current decline to ≤0.01C
5Charging time              Standard Charging
Approx4.5 hours 
6Max.discharge current    Constant current 2C end voltage 3.0V
7Standard Discharge CurrentConstant current 0.2 C  end voltage 3.0V
8Discharge cut-off voltage  3.0V
9Charge cut-off Voltage    4.2V
10Initial Impedance         <45mR 3.7 v li ion battery samsung original battery   
11 Weight                  Approx:45g
12Operating temperature     Charging:0-45C
13Storage temperature       -5~35C
14Storage Humidity        <75% RH
15Appearance                Without scratch,distortion,contamination and leakage
16Standard environmental condition
Temperature: 25C
 Humidity :  45-75%RH
Atmospheric Pressure:86-106 Kpa

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