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New energy vehicles next year, the market will be differentiated

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 23, 2016

2017, the new energy automotive industry will usher in a new round of positive feedback process after the adjustment of negative feedback mechanism, we expect the industry will bid farewell to barbaric growth, usher in a more healthy and orderly growth, and there are three major differentiation:          

First, the rapid growth in sales but structural differentiation. Three cars, passenger cars due to its largest market space (15 million), (2%), the lowest permeability will maintain rapid growth, become the core of the market position; commercial vehicle passenger car market return to nature, to obtain stable and slow growth; logistics car market, we need to wait for the policy landing, if the landing is expected to usher in a press release of the demand. We expect the 2017 new energy vehicle sales will be around 650 thousand (including logistics vehicles), an increase of 45%.          

Second, the high-end leading win, low-end enterprises under pressure. Due to the regulation of the subsidy directory and battery directory, the industry will be the tail of the enterprise will be greatly suppressed, and the improvement of the battery supply and demand situation will also make the market share of leading enterprises to further increase. We expect the power battery industry next year will be at the same time the lack of high-end production capacity and low excess capacity, the entire market will be divided into two parts of the internal competition.          

Third, the industrial chain of the various aspects of differentiation. Due to the decline in subsidies, as well as new capacity put, next year, the new energy automotive industry chain will usher in a wave of price cuts. At the end of 2015 the price surge, the upper reaches of the raw material is the largest part of the elastic. In next year's price surge, we believe that the upstream raw material will also be the largest part of the elastic, while the middle reaches of the lithium battery and motor links due to the binding and the vehicle factory, the price stickiness is greater.

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