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MIT new lithium oxygen batteries or solve electric car endurance anxiety

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 30, 2016

Led by Professor Li Ju Institute of nuclear science and engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, published a new research and development of lithium battery oxygen and MIT, Argonne National Laboratory, Peking University and several other members of the research team.          

According to Professor Li Ju, "the traditional lithium air battery works like this: in the process of discharge, lithium air batteries absorb oxygen from the outside world, and react with lithium in the battery. In the charging process, the opposite chemical reaction, oxygen is released into the air. In the process of charging and discharging, the lithium element and the oxygen have the same electrochemical reaction, but the gaseous state of oxygen element does not need to be changed in the whole process. Oxygen has been in solid state situation, and direct reduction of switching state in three oxidation, produce three different solid compound lithium Li2O, Li2O2 and LiO2 super lithium lithium peroxide".          

A major disadvantage of lithium air batteries is the mismatch between the charge and discharge voltage of the battery. The output voltage of the battery more than 1.2 volt low voltage to charge, which means that in every complete charging process, will produce great energy loss, when charging, about 30% of the electricity in the form of heat loss, if you charge too fast, it can be spontaneous. The voltage loss can be improved by more than 5 times, from less than 1.2 volts to about 0.24 volts, so only about 8% of the energy is converted into heat. This means that the car can be quickly charged, so the battery will be hot to solve the problem, no longer constitute a security risk, and the energy efficiency of the battery has been guaranteed.          

This lithium air battery is a lithium dry cell, because it is completely unable to deal with moisture and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the use of lithium air battery input air need to seriously deal with. The new battery without inhalation and the removal of gas, the problems of lithium air batteries smoothly done or easily solved the problem.          

In addition, the new battery itself has an over charge protection mechanism, in the case of overcharging, chemical reactions can be self restraint. Once the overcharge occurs, the chemical changes into another form, and the chemical reaction stops. In the cyclic loading test, the laboratory version of new battery has completed 120 times charge discharge cycle test, the whole process, the energy loss is only 2%, which means the battery or will have a long life.          

The new battery is the cheapest one used as a liquid electrolyte, the team said. In addition, the weight of cobalt oxide is less than half the weight of nano lithium oxide. Overall, this new type of battery and lithium air battery compared to a wider range of applications, the price is cheaper, more secure.

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