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micro submersible led lights battery pack 12v

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19, 2017

micro submersible led lights battery pack 12v

  • 1. Typical Voltage: 11.1v

  • 2. Rated Capacity: 4400mah

  • 3. End Voltage: 9v~12.6v

  • 4. Size: 18.5*115*67mm

  • 5. Original: Guangdong, Made in China

  • 6. Charging Current (Std.): 0.2CA(=0.88A)

  • 7. Charging Current (Max.): 1.0CA(=4.4A)

  • 8. Charging Time (Std.): 6~7.0 hours

  • 9. Charging Time (Max.): 2~3.0 hours

  • 10. Continuous Discharging Current (Max.): 8.8A

  • 11. Over current detection current (Max.): 20A

  • 12. Brand Battery Cell: Samsung/LG chemical selection

  • 13. Configuration: Samsung/LG 18650 3s2p 6cells

  • 14. High Drain Power Supply: 20A continuous work

  • 15. Working Temperature: -10~55℃

  • 16. Plug: JST or others

  • 17. Compliant with: CE, UL, ROHS, UN38.3, IEC62133, Form A

  • 18. Warranty: 2 years

Battery tips:

The core of controlling battery is IC, and the quality of IC directly affects the whole battery.

BMS IC manufacturers that are looking for large package to package factory; IC technology small factory is the driving design of direct copy manufacturers packaging factory to find small package, unable to guarantee the whole batch of IC consistency and stability, which leads to drive the battery in use after a period of time rather baffling failure.