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Lithium-ion battery pack characteristics

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Lithium, atomic number 3, atomic mass 6.941, is the lightest of the alkali metals. In order to enhance safety and voltage, scientists invented the graphite and materials to store the lithium atoms such as lithium cobalt oxide. The molecular structure of the material, small storage grid form the nano level, can be used to store the lithium atom. In this way, even the battery casing ruptured oxygen from entering, because oxygen molecules are too big, can't get into these small cells, lithium does not avoid contact with oxygen explosion.

This principle of lithium-ion batteries, allows people access to high capacity density at the same time, achieve the goal of safety. When charging the lithium-ion battery, positive electrode of lithium atoms lose electrons, oxide as lithium ion. Lithium-ion swim through the electrolyte to the cathode, into the negative cell, and an electronic, revert to the lithium atom. When discharging, the entire process upside down. In order to avoid negative direct touch and short circuits of the battery, plus has many holes in the battery separator paper, to prevent short circuits. Good separator can also when the battery temperature is too high, automatic closing pores, allows lithium ions cannot pass through, to belittle, to prevent danger.