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Fuel cell VS lithium battery

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 10, 2016

A few months ago, Tesla CEO fuel cell awesome brother "Elon Musk in Germany in an interview with foreign media (Fuel Cell) called" fool battery "(Fool Cell), and said:" they are very stupid, even the best performance of the fuel cell theoretically, nor with a lithium ion battery today's match." He also pointed out that there is still a lot of lithium ion battery does not explore.          

While on the other hand, the general motors and TOYOTA and other car companies and their partners signed a partnership to develop fuel cell agreements, plans to launch a number of fuel cell vehicles in the next few years to put into practice. As early as 2011, TOYOTA on the Tokyo Auto Show debut on the FCV-R hydrogen fuel cell concept car, this year's Tokyo auto show will be on display production models. Toyota Corporation signed an agreement with BMW in four areas of cooperation, including fuel cell.          

In addition to TOYOTA, general motors and Honda announced that it will jointly develop the next generation of fuel cell technology, in order to put into the market in 2020. Hyundai Motor has taken the lead in the production of fuel cell vehicles, Ford, Daimler and Renault - Nissan is working together to develop fuel cell technology.          

TOYOTA said that the upcoming production of the fuel cell car price is approximately close to the BMW 5 series or Tesla S Model, about $50 thousand, a refueling fuel mileage up to 300 miles (483 km). So the price is competitive.          

The key factor for the performance of electric vehicle: power battery          

For electric vehicles, performance, cost, user experience can overwhelm the internal combustion engine car, the key lies in the power battery.          

We know that the car can run, because the engine and gearbox work, to provide power to the car, the electric car can run is the battery and motor to provide power. Motor technology after one hundred years of development, has been very very mature.          

Whether it is the weight of the unit of power, or efficiency, life, cost, control, are far superior to the engine. Equivalent power of the motor is often cheaper than the engine, long life, maintenance is also more simple. Theoretically, the electric car should be far more competitive than the internal combustion engine, and the key to the problem is on the battery.          

As is known to all, the automobile movement needs energy, the energy of the internal combustion engine comes from the combustion of gasoline or diesel fuel, and the heat energy is converted into kinetic energy. And the battery through the motor, the electric energy into kinetic energy. And now the problem is that the electric car is the same weight, the same volume, the battery is far less than the energy supply of gasoline and diesel, which is low energy density.          

So, the same run 300 kilometers, only 30 liters of gasoline tank, only more than and 20 kg of gasoline, and even if the use of advanced lithium-ion battery electric car, to more than and 600 kilograms of battery pack, not battery protection circuit protection, the weight of the package itself.          

If the use of lead-acid batteries, it needs 1 tons to 2 tons of heavy battery pack, and a home car normal weight is only 1 tons.          

In addition to the energy density, the battery also has a concept of power density, the maximum current that the power battery can release is limited, and the voltage is limited. Even if the motor power is very high, the battery instantaneous discharge capacity is not good, it will affect the performance of electric vehicles.

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