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Frequent Questions for Li ion Battery Charger

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Frequent Questions for Li ion Battery Charger

Charger heating problem?

The charger's temperature is between 30 and 70C during normal charging, which belongs to the normal range and will not affect the battery or equipment.

Batteries that are not professionally assembled can easily make chargers work at a high temperature. Especially, the appearance and brand of the battery under the same battery pack are different, and the internal resistance is different, which seriously affects the quality of the battery and the storage function. Therefore, the batteries produced in the same batch can be selected as far as possible to maximize the efficiency of use.

Battery quality will also make the charger heat exceptionally high, the choice of batteries also need to pay attention to the manufacturer's use of the battery quality is good enough, poor batteries, charger heat dissipation has become a problem. 

What about battery charging and heating?

If the temperature of the battery remains mild, there is no need to worry about it. This is normal. If the battery temperature is high or even hot, the charger should be disconnected immediately. The reasons are as follows: 1. Battery quality is poor, or the charger is too large; 2. Whether contact is bad.

Is the charger durable? How long can it last?

Our shop promises three months'guarantee, provided there is no man-made damage.

Charger can be used normally for more than one year, pay attention to moistureproof and fall prevention. Fever has little effect on life. 

Can you refit the clamp?

Chargers do not support refitting clamps. All refitting clamps are regarded as man-made damage, giving up quality assurance. Battery is best connected to the base, easy to charge, need the base link can be connected with customer service.

Why are your sales so high, prices so low, and quality so poor?

Low prices do not mean that quality can not keep up. We belong to small and medium-sized factories, far less than the expenditure of large factories (such as tax, certification, factory rent, employee salary, etc.). So the intermediate cost is saved for the buyer. All the parts we use are up to the standard. We don't use inferior products. Some second-hand parts are imported components. The quality is better than that made in China. The price is almost the same as that made in China. We are factory direct sales, the target price is not retail standards, but a small number of wholesale prices, I hope you do not bargain, good quality is the main.