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Flexible battery

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 25, 2016

Flexible battery, as its name implies is the battery can be repeatedly bent use. The flexible battery can be either a lithium ion battery, a zinc manganese battery or a silver zinc battery, or even a super capacitor. Lithium ion batteries are currently mobile applications can not be bent.          

In fact, the current mobile phone battery manufacturers generally prefer hard core better, because it helps to make full use of the limited space inside the phone and give full play to the battery capacity. Now the market also has curved battery (curved battery), the battery in the package will be bent to a certain radian and stereotypes, but this battery can not be repeated bending. It can be said that from hard to soft, the existing battery from the material to the process can not meet.          

Despite the very small current flexible battery market compared to the traditional lithium battery is almost negligible, but no one can deny that when the flexible screen and flexible circuit is developed, the market demand for flexible batteries will be more intense. In fact, more and more wearable devices need to have flexible battery standby time to rescue them scorched by the flames.          

Now the smart watch only as mobile phone accessories and is difficult to be accepted by consumers, but if the implanted chip and more functions, such as GPS, communication function and high performance chip, this is not enough long standby time will be more difficult. Moreover, the current battery can not be bent because it can only be placed in the middle of the dial, greatly limiting the increase in the space of other electronic devices and chips.          

It can be said that if the battery design does not change, then smart watches almost impossible to enhance functionality or extend standby time. If the battery can be flexible and this capacity can be made one watchband, 1.5 to 2 times larger than the existing smart watch battery capacity, and a dial space can be used to add other electronic devices or chips. Even if the existing batteries remain unchanged, how consumers will refuse longer standby time? Similarly, the use of many sensors smart clothing is another flexible battery customers demand.          

Here, the author will summarize the solution of flexible battery manufacturers at home and abroad, these flexible batteries will include lithium ion, zinc manganese and super capacitor. Finally, the author will explore the academic circles for the solution of the problem, and gives his own opinions to readers.

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