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Calculating the Cost of Lithium Battery Composition

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2019

When many customers consult the price of our company's products, they say that our lithium batteries are very expensive. You are right. Our products are indeed a little expensive, but the best ones are always the best because you made the right choice the first time, instead of spending a little here and there, and finally getting the results you want. At this time, I think it is the most expensive. Are you right? At the same time, we can never get the highest quality products at the lowest price.


Today, we will mainly talk about lithium-ion batteries, because most of the lithium iron phosphate coming into the market are used batteries, dismantling batteries. The new price of iron and lithium is 1.3 to 2 times that of ternary. The quality cycle of Sanyuan is comparable to that of iron and lithium, so the author chooses Sanyuan to explain.


I. Composition of Lithium Battery Composition


The cost of a usable lithium battery is composed of 1, cell 2, protective plate 3, manual matching capacitor and three parts.


1. cell has the greatest impact on the cost of battery composition. We uniformly use 18650/2000 MH cells to explain.


cell, there are a variety of capacity models, there are many unscrupulous businessmen 1500 ~ 1800 MH capacity batteries to impersonate the 2000 MH battery. Not to mention the artifact batteries on Taobao: What brand of fire! A technology that can reach 9800 MH is really cattle at home. The technology that Japan and the United States haven't yet worked out has been broken through by an unknown enterprise in China in this way! uuuuuuuu


2. cell can be divided into capacity type and power type. Price according to life!


A 18650/2000 MH capacity battery, normally 3.5-6 yuan, according to the brand, the quality is different. More than 6 yuan for Lishen sk, and 4 yuan for ordinary second-line sk.


Power batteries usually cost more than 5.5 yuan to about 13 yuan. It is also based on brand and quality. Screened out. Generally, the price of A product is from 6 yuan to more than 10 yuan. If B product or even C product is from 1 yuan to 5 yuan (safety performance capacity is not guaranteed, it is not recommended to buy)


cell prices vary according to brand and cycle life.


2. Protective board, which is the key to safety, explosion or not depends on here!


According to the requirements of battery packs, different types of protective panels should be matched. At the same time, the input and output power must be calculated well. If exceeding the limit, the protective panels will burn out.


The protection board of 12V24V ranges from 8 to 100 yuan. It can be configured separately according to the manufacturer, material, use environment and technical parameters.


36V48V60V/72V electric vehicle protection board, generally in the 30-200 or so, generally do not understand the protection board manufacturers can help you select recommendations.


3. Processing, processing can be divided into two main processes: 1 volume matching and 2 spot welding. It is suggested that domestic batteries should be paired and screened with capacitor compartments before assembly. Generally, one cubicle per 3-5 wool.


The processing fee for spot welding is generally 1/1.5-2 yuan.


Calculating the Cost of Lithium Battery Composition


1, 12V battery pack, used for LED street lamp energy storage group. Ternary lithium 18650 is only 3.7V. 3.7V three strings up to 11.1V. If we do 20AH battery pack, we calculate as follows:


20ah_2a capacity / 1 18650 = 10 parallel / 1, 10 parallel * 3 Series = 30 cells. The number of 30 cells came out, 30 * 7 yuan/1 = 210 yuan (total price of 30 cells)


The protective board is made of 12A balanced protective board with 15 yuan.


Processing fee, volume divided + spot welding processing = 1.8 yuan per unit, 30 pieces * 1.8 yuan = 54 yuan


210 yuan + 15 yuan + 54 yuan = 279 yuan


The cost of such a 12V20ah ternary lithium battery pack comes out to pay the logistics fee, after-sales service fee, profit margin, etc.


2. 60V20ah Electric Vehicle Battery Pack


The number of cells, according to the supporting protection board, requires 16 series.


20ah_2a/single = 10 parallel, 10 parallel * 16 series = 160 batteries.


The power cell of 6 yuan is selected, 160*7=1120 yuan.


The protective board is 45A and 85 yuan in the same port.


Processing fee, 160 * 1.8 = 288 yuan


1120 yuan + 85 yuan + 288 yuan = 1493 yuan


This price does not include the price of battery pack protective case oh three, suggestion


The above calculation method is the simplest one for reference. Of course, you can do it yourself if you have the conditions, but to be honest, the price of the cell will vary according to the quantity. If you are interested in playing with the basic cell, the quality and price can not be guaranteed steadily. At the same time, many people are not professional, once they do not do well, the damage of the cell is second, they are afraid that the protection board wiring is wrong, there is overcharge and explosion phenomenon!