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Battery life

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Believe the vast majority of consumers are heard, lithium battery life is "500 times" 500 times charge/discharge, exceeds this number, the cell "died", and many of my friends in order to be able to extend the battery life, each charge only when the battery completely runs out, so do really have a prolonged effect on battery life? The answer is no. Lithium battery life is "500 times" number refers not to charge, but a charge/discharge cycle.

A charge cycle means that all the battery power from full to empty, then by the process of charging to full, which is not the same as a single charge. For example, a lithium battery in first day took only half of the charge, then charge for it. If the next day or so, that is filled with a half – up to two charges down, it can only count as one charge cycle instead of two. Therefore, typically charging may take several times to complete a cycle. Each complete a charge cycle, the battery capacity will be reduced. However, this power reduction is very small, high quality battery several times after the cycle, still preserves the original capacity of 80%, many still remain after the lithium-powered products in the past two or three years. Of course, battery life still need to be replaced after the final.