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All solid state lithium battery storage capacity can be increased by 2.5 times

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 23, 2016

With the function of handheld electronic products more and more, more and more powerful performance, power consumption will become larger. However, most of the traditional battery is not only unable to long-term life, due to quality problems caused by security incidents have emerged.          

Aiming at the various problems of traditional batteries, located in Chongqing high tech Zone of Chongqing Han Yue Technology Development Co., Ltd has a solid state lithium battery, the battery not only greatly enhance the safety, storage capacity is far higher than that of conventional batteries, the cost will be greatly reduced. By virtue of this all solid lithium battery, Han Yue technology has also won the fifth innovation and entrepreneurship competition new energy and energy saving and environmental protection industry group of the national finals outstanding award.          

All solid state lithium battery can be charged again and again 3000 times          

Reporters learned that the existing rechargeable battery through chemical reactions to provide electric energy, such as battery quality instability will produce excessive chemical gas, large current rapid charge and discharge, the crowds packed battery, even burning.          

In short, there is a diaphragm between the positive electrode and the negative electrode of the battery, and there are many holes in it. This part after a number of charging point is easy to produce crystal, once the quality but also may lead to the explosion of hard. And we developed this all solid lithium battery, which is part of the separator material from the liquid to replace all solid." Ren Yue, chairman of Chongqing Han Yue Technology Development Co., ltd..          

In general, the isolation layer + anode common battery are charging liquid state as cathode +, Han Yue technology will be converted to liquid charging of solid electrolyte in independent research and development, so as to prevent the electronic battery between the positive pole and collide with each other.          

All solid state lithium battery is not only more secure, its charge and service life is also more durable than the traditional battery. Ren Yue introduction, the traditional battery can only charge 1000 times around, the capacity of about 1000mAh. Han Yue science and technology research and development of all solid lithium cell phone battery, you can charge up to 3000 times, the capacity of about 2400mAh, and the service life increased to more than 3 times. The simplest example is the mobile phone battery, now used for a maximum of 1 days to 1 days, with all solid state lithium batteries can be used 2 days ~2 days.          

"Due to the production process of all solid state lithium battery, it has the characteristics of high degree of automation and high degree of modularization. During the preparation process, the output of the unit time product can be promoted, and the artificial cost can be reduced, and the substrate material can be varied according to different performance requirements. So down, all solid state lithium battery than the traditional lithium battery can reduce a lot of cost." He added.

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