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24 V 10AH 36 V 10AH 48 V 10AH 48 V 20AH E-bike Battery Problem

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2019

24 V 10AH 36 V 10AH 48 V 10AH 48 V 20AH E-bike Battery Problem

What's the problem of E-bike Lithium ion Battery?

more and more people are prefer to use e-bike, as it's small in size, available to drive in all kinds of small roads, it's good vehical to replace steps for working and touring.


1). Consistency problem:

Consistent electric bicycle battery modules, such as 24 V 10A H, 36 V 10A H, 48 V 10A H, 48 V 20A H, etc., all require multiple single batteries in series; in order to maintain the consistency of the modules, it is more necessary to optimize the structure and balance the protection board, and the battery itself has excellent consistency. Aluminum shells and soft packs of many lithium battery manufacturers basically use large capacity monomer 10AH in series to form modules needed by customers, which means simple assembly and cost saving.

However, the polarization inside the battery will be more serious, especially in the aspect of heat dissipation, when the capacity of the monomer is larger, so it is very difficult for the monomer to keep 5 degree error or even smaller in the process of high current operation. Cylindrical 18650S has many mature technology, simple process and mature matching equipment, special case and combination. The heat dissipation structure of the node reduces the difference of the single battery, and has the effect of turning the whole into zero, thus maintaining a better consistency than the large battery.

The application range of cylindrical 18650S battery is the general model of lithium battery industry. At present, many electric bicycle battery shells, lighting fixtures, electric motors and so on are designed in accordance with the specifications of the internal space. At the same time, because of its small size, the application flexibility is very strong, even the separated B battery is also easy to handle. Soft packages and aluminium shells are designed according to the size of the inner chamber of the shell used by customers, and the scope of application is narrow, so more models need to be developed to deal with them. This will bring a series of burdens to internal technology development, quality control, production operation management, commissioning and maintenance of Engineering equipment, sales and so on.

2). After sale problem:

The after-sales maintenance in domestic electric bicycle market is generally 2 years (export for 1 year), so after-sales service and maintenance is an essential link. In many project feasibility reports, after theoretical analysis, how high the profit of power battery is and how objective the profitability is compared with the traditional industry. However, because of the high voltage and high capacity of electric bicycle batteries, many single batteries need to be connected in series and parallel. At the same time, they are matched with circuit boards, chargers and car controllers. Many links are not completely controlled by battery pack manufacturers, so the harmony of the matching system still has great hidden dangers.

What can SINOLI BATTERY do for you?

SINOLI battery is a professional lithium ion battery manufacturer, aiming at making good quality battery with cheaper price. SINOLI battery is endeaving in breaking current lithium ion battery industrial problem, upgrading battery safety problems.