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1S3.7V 2S7.4V 3S11.1V 15C 25C 75C Battery Means What?

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 13, 2019

1S3.7V 2S7.4V 3S11.1V 15C 25C 75C Battery Means What?

Description of Lithium Battery Parameters

This is the most commonly used battery model in aeromodelling.

3S11.1V 2200mAh 25C

Here are the four most commonly used parameters for aeromodelling lithium batteries.

Voltage Capacitance Discharge Multiplier Sustainable Discharge Current

How to View Lithium Battery Voltage?

The unit of voltage is volt.

Expressed in English (V), such as 3S11.1V

LiPO lithium polymer batteries are mainly used in aeromodelling.

The nominal voltage of a single cell is 3.7V.

Multiple cores in series can form lithium battery packs.

The number of series cores,

In S, that is 1S, 2S, 3S, and so on.

The nominal voltage of the battery pack is expressed in multiples of 3.7V.

That is, 1S3.7V, 2S7.4V, 3S11.1V... and so on.

The higher the voltage, the higher the equipment requirements will be.

When choosing the battery voltage,

Attention should be paid to the voltage range supported by the equipment.

Damage to equipment beyond voltage range

How to Understand Lithium Battery Capacity

The unit of capacity is milliampere time.

Expressed in English (mAh), e.g. 2200 mAh

The larger the battery capacity, the more electricity it contains.

The greater the weight and volume.

Because the model is very sensitive to weight.

So choose the right capacity of the battery

It's not that the bigger the capacity, the better.

How to Look at Discharge C Rate?

Discharge multiples are expressed in (C), such as 25C.

The larger the discharge multiple, the better the discharge performance of the battery.

It can support higher discharge current.

Batteries used in power systems are called power lithium batteries.

Generally, the number of C is higher, such as 15C, 25C, 75C, etc.

Batteries for non-power systems,

For example, remote control lithium batteries, camera batteries,

General C number is lower, such as 0.5C, 5C, 8C, etc.

The higher the number of C, the more expensive the battery is.

Although the C number is too high, it will not cause any negative impact.

However, due to cost considerations, it is recommended to select the appropriate number of C batteries.

How to Understand Sustainable Discharge Current?

Sustainable discharge current is calculated by capacity and discharge multiple.

Represents the discharge capacity of batteries.

Batteries can discharge continuously and smoothly at currents below this value.

The formula is

Capacity * Discharge Multiplier = Sustainable Discharge Current

take 3s11.1v 2200mAh 25C battery for an example:

Calculate 3S11.1V 2200mAh 25C battery.

Can it be used in 2212-1400KV motor?

Power Configuration of 8060 Propeller

Fullfill in formula

It can be concluded that the numerical sustained discharge current is 55A.

Contrasting with the working current parameter table of the motor,

Configuration of 3S11.1V Voltage 8060 Propeller

Maximum operating current of motor is 22A

Sustainable current of battery is greater than maximum current of motor

It means that the battery can meet the needs of the motor.

It can be used for this power configuration.

Assuming that the working current of the motor is greater than 55A

It is recommended to replace batteries with higher C number or capacity.