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14.8v 10ah Lithium ion Battery Pack Analysis

Shenzhen Sinoli Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 16, 2019

14.8v 10ah Lithium ion Battery Pack Analysis

Introduction: In recent years, due to the rapid development of lithium batteries, many portable products use voltage measurements to estimate battery residual power, but the relationship between battery voltage and residual power will change with discharge rate, temperature and battery aging degree. The error rate of this method can reach up to 50%. Due to the increasing demand for products with longer service time, more precise solutions are needed in design. Measuring the charge or consumption of batteries by using smart power meter IC will provide more accurate batteries in a wide range of application power levels.

1. Design requirements of intelligent battery for testing instruments:

According to the requirements and specifications of customers, the intelligent battery pack matched with the host is designed, and the intelligent meter with communication protocol (SBS communication protocol) and the battery security protection performance are integrated into your solution, which can achieve the information sharing between the battery pack and the host, and ultimately achieve a reasonable, efficient and safe battery management scheme.

Specific design parameters require:

1) Cell moulding requirements: imported Sanyo Cell Combination (18650-4S4P/8.8Ah/14.8V).

2) Structural design requirements: exquisite appearance, integral batteries meet the requirements of waterproof and shockproof. In the aspect of appearance design, high-grade aluminium alloy shell + aviation waterproof plug is adopted.

3) Circuit design requirements: accurate power management + accurate LED power display. The design scheme of SBS intelligent battery management system is adopted to effectively manage the remaining battery power from time to time. Accurate LED power display can effectively display the remaining battery power to users in the form of LED lights in the form of accurate percentage, so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and intuition.

2. Design scheme of intelligent battery for testing instrument:

1) Aluminum alloy shell and aluminium parts bracket: according to customer requirements, the design of exquisite aluminium alloy shell, and to meet the requirements of waterproof and shock-proof, as well as good heat dissipation requirements under high current operation.

2) Intelligent Calorimeter Protection Board (PCM): Using SBS smart battery management system, the battery's power is calculated accurately and timely by using advanced power calculation principle, and the battery's power information is reported to the host computer through SMBUS. At the same time, the rechargeable smart battery pack (generally referred to as lithium battery) is protected. Due to the chemical characteristics of lithium battery itself, it is necessary to provide overcharge and overcharge. Over-discharge, short circuit, over-current and over-temperature protection functions to avoid the risk of combustion, explosion and so on.

3) LED power display panel: LED power display lamp according to 20% of the proportion of electricity, the smart meter protection panel when calculated the battery capacity intuitive display, so as to facilitate the use of customers efficiently and intuitively.

4) Overcurrent protection sheet (PTC): Mainly for secondary protection function design. PTC can restore the fuse with over-current protection, automatic recovery dual function. PTC in battery products can prevent high temperature discharge and unsafe high current.

5) UR18650-4S4P/10Ah/14.8V lithium battery pack (SANYO).

6) Special Vacuum Waterproof Aviation Plug: Vacuum waterproof connection is used outside the battery to meet customer's waterproof requirements.